A downloadable game for Windows

A humble 4X Game, where the individual planet's allegiance to their Star Realm is fluctuating. It is on you sending out your forces like fleets, armies & agents, in order to gain control over the star cluster. Meanwhile it is a necessety to build up your stellar nation's economy, to feed it's populace, to become prosperous, to create more forces ... to rule the stars

Important controls:

  • esc = close application immediatelly
  • f2 = restart game (return to main menu
  • f4 = toggle fullscreenUse mouse
  • (mostly lmb) to interact with game elements
  • when a fleet or other force is selected, it can be send to its destination by right mouse button


LD49_Jam_ShatteredStarRealms.exe 2 MB
LD49_Jam_ShatteredStarRealms.zip 2 MB
LD49_PM_v01_ShatteredStarRealms.exe 2 MB
LD49_PM_v01_ShatteredStarRealms.zip 2 MB

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