A downloadable game for Windows

JAM version: (Prototype)
- Scroll by arrow keys or borderscroll
- Press F2 to restart the game immediatelly
- F4 toggles window/fullscreen
- Place Units, Cites & Farmland by using the respective Buttons.
- Creating units or Buildings always cost 1 Population.
- Population grows as long as there is more food than Pop.
- Units can be selected by LMB and send via RMB.
- A Units range per AP is shown as a circle, when it is selected.
Post Mortem versions:
- popgrowth increased by cities instead of linear ( I lied, it is in addition to...)
- enlarged playable map
- Cities needs te placed near settlers or ships
- Units needs to be placed near cities
- Fields needs to be placed near cities (2 Fields reach)
- introduced mines, that can be placed on hills(that are new)
- introdiced trees, who can stand around in the landscape


RBMJ7_CultivationTime_JAM.exe 2 MB
RBMJ7_CultivationTime_PMv01.exe 2 MB
RBMJ7_CultivationTime_PMv02.exe 2 MB
RBMJ7_CultivationTime_PMv02.zip 2 MB


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Cooles Spiel!