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This small RTS was started during Ludum Dare 46 Jam.
It became a project, I would like to continue and it will get some improvements & contents every now and then in the future.

Battle for Kyrrdon, inspired by classic (and actually some obscure) RTS titles, is about building bases and armies, to defeat an enemies bases and armies.

Victory & Defeat conditions:
If a faction has no HQs anymore, it is defeated - the other faction acclaimed victory

The Jam version has no ai, but you can play your enemy to a certain degree e.g. producing units & command units

The new version "Post Mortem" (PM) has a simple AI, attacking the player after some time, among some tweaks are about 'grafics' & control. It's economy is expanded by Energy generated by powerplants & HQs and consumed by factories, mines & towers

Scrolling: use arrow keys for scrolling, or scroll by putting your cursor at the border of the screen.

Unit Selection: Select units with the selectionbox, press LMB and drag your cursor. No selection by simply clicking a unit or building
Unit Movement: When a unit or a group of units is selected you can send them to a location by rightclicking in the ground (no MiniMap movement yet). Keep in mind, that groups of units move in the formation they has been selected.
Minimap: shows the location of units, click on it to jump your camera to the corresponding place on the battlefield. (Beware, the Jam minimap it is glitchy)

Thank you for playing.


LD46_BattleForKyrrdon_jam.exe 2 MB
BattleForKyrrdon 2 MB

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